What is the quest?

You know how some people believe that no matter how hard you search and try, there’s only actually one person you’re meant to be with? Well, I don’t! Or at least not so much. Destiny for me is a sarcastic enigma; sort of like a magician with a funny looking hairstyle and some weird cards. It shows you what is exactly on your mind, be it the ace of diamonds or the queen of hearts, and right there, just right there it fades away and you’re probably not going to see that again!

Why am I talking about funny-looking magicians and what do they have to do with destiny, or with my quest even?

In short, there’s a girl involved. Someone, or let’s call her “HER”, that special someone whom I met not long ago and simply couldn’t get her out of my mind. She was graciously and poetically beautiful and smart. And though we didn’t speak almost at all, there was that special connection and that  chemistry often spoken of. I was tense all the time around her and felt like my body was hanging in the sky, or maybe that’s the red-eye flight effect that I was on? But does it really matter? All I know is there was something elevating running through my veins the whole time, and I will not give up nor rest until I meet her again for I cannot shake this feeling off and I would love to have it again, and again and forever!

So starting from today I will set up for my quest seeking that one special girl, adding clues each time, and hopefully she will come across my blog one day, be it far or near, and I will need your help to make this happen. I want you to spread the word. Speak of my passion and burning curious desire to meet her again.

We all love happy endings, don’t we?

* On the right side of this page you’ll see the clues under categories; Follow these clues please and start reading from #1 and on. I will add new ones every now and then.

One Response to “What is the quest?”

  1. i think this is cute,,, hope u get to meet her again and again and forever đŸ™‚

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